This Earth of Mankind by Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Note: I haven’t written the review yet.

Here, I’m easily connected with Minke. Not because like him, I’m also (at least have some) Javanese’s blood running through my veins, but because his love of writing, of observing, and by observing I don’t mean as a “I can’t participate because I’m an observer” fucking nonsense. Minke is a person I can get easily comfortable to speak my own chores, and listen to what he really thinks.

Because at his own complexities I know I find familiarity.
Thank you for teaching me about inner justice, Minke, thanks also for your french friend for saying it. I love writing and reading and they feel as warm as my blanket. They are my inner childs and now I let them at play far, far away from what I thought as myself.

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