Toy Story 4: Not All Toy Needs a Kid

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I was afraid before watching this that I would get disappointed. This is one of my favorite childhood movies. It made me wanted to go to McDonald not for its meal but solely for the toys especially my favorite character: Buzz Lightyear. I don’t want to ruin it.

Andy’s toys now lives with their new owner: a girl named Bonnie. She loves to play with her toys, yet not as much as Andy. Woody knows that, especially him, since he’s being excluded from the play, being left in a dark closet.

Cowboy will always be cowboy, Woody joined Bonnie who has to go for the first time to Kindergarden. She was sad, she refused to go at first. At class she was lonely, she has no friend. Her teacher asked the class to make a pencil drawer out of a glass. There was an art kit on the table before one kid took it. Left Bonnie with nothing. Woody then helped her with things he found in the trash can. Including a fork.

Bonnie with her own child imagination made a toy out of a plastic fork. She named it Forkie with a various-sized pair of eyes. It became her favorite toy, it helped her cope with her first time at school around people she doesn’t know yet. She putted Forkie at her side while she was sleeping.

But Fork doesn’t feel like he is worth it to be a toy. To be someone, or something, to love. He is made out of a garbage so he’s always wanting to go to the trash can. “It is comfortable in a trash can. It’s like the other trash telling you that everything’s gonna be alright.” said Fork which I forgot the exact words. Fork is like someone who has an imposter syndrome.

I love this movie so much and it brought tears in my eyes. It is heartwarming with many characters and theirs stories. Toys are like human, they get older and (maybe) get wiser. There could be some hidden meanings or messages like recycling and self-worth. I know, being “green” and self-worth seems like two different thing but…hell yeah.

There’s Woody who is always trying to save Fork from his own “self-destructing” behavior. Thinking that he’s doing it for Bonnie. Later in the movie he will realize that the reason is more than that.

Bo Peep who had gone but now comes back stronger than ever. She had spent years in an antique store, staying still and get bored until she ran away to the outside-room world. She transformed from a female character in a so-typical “Boy” movie where the woman was helpless and only exists for the male character to someone who has learnt to be self-reliant.

Even the villain, Gabby Gabby who was made from the same factory with Woody also has her own part. She, like Woody is also a pull-string doll from 50s, but unlike Woody, her voice box is broken, left her with unpleasant voice when a kid pulled her string. She wants her voice back which only possible by using the one Woody has.

This is a movie about toys who no longer have an owner, being left and forgotten. Unwanted beings. Some of them are longing for new kids, making connection with them, while the others embrace their own freedoms “living” outside of children’s bedrooms. They are all will learn that life is like a kid: it’s always changing.

I was watching it with my brother along with other younger audiences which were kids in a theatre. The weird thing is most of the children were quiet while the older were laughing and weeping. I see this as a good thing though, that Disney didn’t make it only for the new generation but also for us, who had watched it and been loving it since we were kids. The adults can always discuss this movie with their kids, explaining to them about their own inner voices, their self-worths and….making their own toys out of unused things, perhaps? It’s up to them.

A must-watch for me. Big applause!

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